Magnetism is a gift I discovered in myself years ago and began practicing alongside my career inside a private company, at first among friends and family.

I was inspired to change direction in order to be entirely at the service of this gift and use it to help others. I continued a family tendency, since my two sisters – one a sophrologist and the other an osteopath – are both dedicated to relief of physical and psychological pain.The numerous forms of pathology and suffering I have encountered have developed four essential qualities in me, which I use to help you: careful listening, kindness, intuition and feeling.

Magnetism today is my main healing tool, to which I add manual touch, energy and corporal psychology. Combined, these offer custom care toward relief from pain and preservation of physical, mental and emotional balance.

I have always preferred the term “transmitter” to “healer,” and offer this ability to transmit vital energy which will regenerate, revive and rebalance your resources. This form of therapy is better felt that read about, which is why I like to meet physically with my patients to better understand each one’s needs, and develop a way toward harmony and serenity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not a medical doctor and provide neither diagnoses nor advice on any medical treatment. Under no circumstances must you cease following your doctor’s orders if you are currently undergoing medical treatment.

Languages spoken: French, English, Russian.


  • Sylvie A.
    “While I was going to see Caroline without being highly motivated to stop smoking, after one session, I was very happily surprised I was completely disgusted by smoking. That session was peaceful and calm and now I can see other smoking without even feeling smoking one cigarette.! Magic and impressive!!! Thank you very much Caroline.”

    Sylvie A.
  • Maxime R.
    “The magnetism session was a very unique experience. I completely let go and was able to feel relaxed and balanced for weeks to come. Definitely, an experience I should renew. “

    Maxime R.
  • Anne-Sophie C.
    “As I was into a very aggressive cancer cure, I decided to try Energy en Provence. I really like the professional and warm welcome I got there, but above all their efficiency. My chimio session, stress and my body weakness were very important and damaging. I was able to find in Caroline technics (magnetism, Reiki and energy management) what I experienced when I lived for years in Asia. It was with relief and moments of happiness that I enjoyed each session where I was able to find myself a little bit again. I found answers for my eyes infection, my intense fatigue and tiredness, my leather saturation of chemical products, but above all a very understanding and wise person in Caroline. Nowadays, I am doing much better and am in recovery process and thanks to Caroline, my body is slowly regaining in energy.”
    Anne-Sophie C.
  • Bertrand D.
    “I really appreciated the time Caroline took to hear me before the session, which really increased my trust in the process. Then, during the magnetism session, I felt a warm and deep sensation highly located in the area targeted. Then The relaxation was intense and it pushed me to do several additional session.”

    Bertrand D.
  • Laurence L.
    “Thank you Caroline for the rare and highly pleasant moment. But this magical moment did not stop there. The following night was so beneficial and I was able to find a very peaceful sleep which I was not even aware could exist. One week later, the sleeping pattern is still perfect and I can finally see my future and envision what could be my life! Many thanks and see you soon.”

    Laurence L.
  • Cécile N.
    “A relaxing and dynamic moment after which one I was able to feel my legs lighter and a very notifying improvement in my digestive system. Caroline Know how to explain her gestures with passion and professionalism.”

    Cécile N.
  • Carole M
    « Many thanks to Caroline for the unique moment of great relaxation. I came out of this session totally zen and relaxed which could be seen right away on my face. The following night, I slept like a baby and it also increased my energy to high levels in the following days… Caroline is very attentive to your body and your specific needs and takes the time to explain you the different body parts and the impacts it has on your feet. I did not know anything about the foot reflexology, but I was won over by seeing the immediate benefits. To be redone very soon”

    Carole M





45-minute session

Stop Smoking hypnosis


30 to 40-minute session

Thai Foot Reflexology


45-minute session

Harmonization Session


60-minute session




Package of 3 sessions

Stop Smoking Hypnosis


Package of 2 sessions

Thai Foot Reflexology


Package of 4 massages

Harmonization Sessions


Package of 3 sessions

If you must cancel your appointment, please let me know the evening before at the latest.

If you’re late, the session will end at the scheduled hour.

Services provided by Energy-en-Provence have no medical or therapeutic intent.

They are not a substitute for nor accepted as acts reserved strictly for health professionals regulated by Art. L4321-1 and R4321-1 of the French Public Health Code.
Their character is in no way erotic or sexual.

If in doubt about the state of your health, pain in the muscles or joints, or all other functional pathologies, see your doctor or a health professional.


cadeau energy en provence
Give someone a moment of total relaxation
Good for one year.

cadeau energy en provence


Adults, children, and adolescents can undergo treatment
(an adult must accompany minors).


I only receive on appointment @ Aix-en-Provence and can also intervene :
• In Company
• In hospitals
(In agreement with the department concerned)
• In hotel environment (individual clients or seminars)
I can also do a remote magnetism session




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