What is Magnetism?

Magnetism is a 3,500-year-old practice that transmits energy and allows one to reestablish harmony and equilibrium of body, mind and soul.

It’s a natural method consisting of transmission of energy from one person to another by a series of techniques aimed at relieving and improving one’s health while procuring immediate well-being.

Magnetism is an effective complement to traditional medicine but should be considered only as an accompanying technique when used in conjunction with or during medical treatment.

Magnetism will let you:

• regain peace and serenity;
• relieve tension;
• dissolve physical blocks;
• reduce problems from stress, anxiety, aches and pains or fatigue;
• free you from addictions, anxiety and insomnia;
• detoxify and stimulate your organism;
• stimulate blood circulation;
• reestablish proper flow of blocked energy and create a better overall energy flow;
• awaken and accelerate the physical and psychic self-healing process.

Magnetism specific benefits:
• Rebalances and revitalizes the entire organism
• Relieves pain
• Calms nerves
• Improves circulation
• Treats skin problems.
• Helps relieve the effects of fatigue, lack of energy, insomnia, overwork, back pain,
• Can relieve anxiety, nerves or stress felt before an exam, interview or athletic competition.

It also helps relieve pain from:

arthritis, rheumatism, rhinitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, allergies, gastritis, hemorrhoids, tendonitis, asthma, menstrual troubles, hypertension, ulcers, colitis, intestinal problems and digestive disorders, constipation, dizziness, lumbago, sciatica, acne, shingles, warts, eczema, herpes, first-degree burns, urticaria, itches, nervous depression, baby blues, stage fright or migraine.
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Important information

Energy treatment is for everyone: children, adolescents and adults. It can be preventive or curative for older patients but may cause fatigue. It is not recommended for anyone wearing a pacemaker.

After treatment, patients may feel fatigue for two or three days, depending on the energy fields which were addressed. Magnetism is particularly effective on skin disorders, pain and rheumatism, but in no case can it relieve serious illnesses like cancer, AIDS or multiple sclerosis. The transmitter can only relieve pain and help a patient who is undergoing treatment of serious illness or disease. Nonetheless, magnetism can help deal with the side-effects of different types of treatment and ease pain.

You should under no circumstances suspend your medical treatment while consulting a transmitter for magnetism.

Magnetism is also an efficient tool to help pets and animals. In my long career as a transmitter in magnetism, I have learned how to work with animals and treat them with as much intensity and drive. They cannot express what they feel but accept the positive force I transmit to them.


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This technique stimulates the capacity for self-healing and is offered in a simple, non-medical care framework based on a delicate touch around acantha It is accessible to everyone. Like all overall energy techniques, it acts to circulate energy in all parts of the being - physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual – and helps reunite mind and body.

This technique will let you:

* regain peace and serenity;

* relieve tension;

• reduce problems from stress, anxiety, aches and pains or fatigue;

• free you from addictions, anxiety and insomnia;

• detoxify and stimulate your organism;

• stimulate blood circulation;

• awaken and accelerate the physical and psychic self-healing process.

It is particularly effective for relief of:

• circulatory problems and high blood pressure;

• Liver disorders

• Thyroid disorders

• behavioral problems: depression, addictions, phobias, traumas, anxiety, stress or burnout.

Energetic therapy is not a substitute for medical care or advice.


massage réflexologie plantaire Thai Aix en Provence
The feet have always been considered as extremely important in Asia, where they are seen as the guardians of one’s health and the door through which energy is transmitted. Thai Foot Reflexology is the fruit of knowledge that has been communicated over the last 3,000 years.

Foot Reflexology is a method based on the principle that each organ or body part corresponds to an area of the feet. Part of the treatment is body sculpting, which brings profound relaxation by freeing tension. Pressure targeted on the reflex zones works on the organs affected, reestablishing corporeal harmony, relieving built-up tensions and facilitating blood circulation.

Thai Foot Reflexology takes place in a calm, serene atmosphere. It uses wraparound techniques as well as pressure and touch-sensitive methods from the toes to the area above the knees. Bending and stretching exercises complete this treatment, using an organic balm and wooden stick. During the treatment you are comfortably stretched out. After one hour of deep relaxation you go home rested and energized, the legs lighter, feet relaxed and moisturized, joints unknotted.

Some advantages of Foot Reflexology:

• Stimulates the nerves thanks to nerve endings in the feet;

• Affects the vital organs, since the foot is a mini-map of the human body;

• Syndrome prémenstruels

• Balances the body’s vital functions;

• Eliminates stress and relaxes muscles;

• Eliminates impurities;

• Brings improved and more balanced sleep.

Quelques bienfaits de la réflexologie plantaire :

• Stimulation des nerfs grâce aux terminaisons présentes dans les pieds

• Agit sur les différents organes du corps,
le pied constituant une mini « cartographie » du corps

• Stimule la circulation sanguine et le drainage lymphatique

• Equilibre les fonctions vitales

• Evacue le stress et de détend les muscles

• Elimine les impuretés • Rétablit un sommeil réparateur et plus équilibré

En accompagnement de maladies lourdes et toujours en complément d’un traitement traditionnel, la réflexologie aide :

Pour aider à sortir des dépendances :

• Aide lors d’un sevrage aux somnifères, au tabac, à la nourriture ou à l’alcool

• Recentre pendant ce sevrage en complément d’une psychothérapie

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Reflexology produces results in relieving daily aches and pains, provided they have not become chronic, such as:

digestive disorders; premenstrual syndrome; migraine, sinusitis and insomnia; tension and stress; hormonal troubles, hypo- and hyperthyroid; extreme fatigue.

As a complement to serious illness and traditional treatment, it will help:

strengthen the immune system; speed post-operative recovery; prepare for serious treatment, such as chemotherapy, and in post-treatment recovery after such treatment; detoxify the body after anesthesia or vaccine and restart the body’s eliminatory functions; evacuate toxins by stimulating the liver, kidneys and lungs.

To free the body from dependency, it can: help during a program to quit smoking, sleeping pills, alcohol or overeating; aid in refocusing you during psychotherapy as a complement to such treatment.


You must indicate any illness, such as diabetes or heart disease, thrombosis, fractures, sprains of the foot, or serious circulatory problems such as phlebitis or varicose veins. The treatment is not recommended for pregnant women unless prescribed by a physician.