arretez de fumer grace a l'hypnose et au magnetisme aix en provence
I offer structured programs, such as Stop Smoking in two Sessions, which will wean you from tobacco dependence and detoxify the body.
Other tailored programs are available according to your needs

You wish to stop in a fast and efficient way without secondary effects on your health!

I have the right and appropriate method to lose your smoking habit and dependence!

One and only condition required: Your wish to stop smoking needs to be well thought out, true and authentic.

This dynamic and interactive method showcase two very strong and interlinked sciences: Magnetism and Hypnose.

This practice is interactive with the touch of key points on your body in very accurate, specific and predefined ways.

The benefits are numerous and the key to success:

- You will get rid of your smoking habits in 2 to 3 weeks

- You will manage the feeling of the lack of nicotine in an easier, calmer way, with significant less stress and mood swings.

- You will also reduce the initial weight gain due to stopping smoking.

According to each person, and upon its addiction level, and number of years they were smoking, the number of sessions can vary from 1 to 4, weekly.

For some of the smokers, only one session can be truly beneficial and result in stopping smoking immediately.

This method needs to be practiced face to face, within the practice environment and preset parameters.